Tipsters are everywhere you look on Social media, so how can we find the best Tipsters?

Let's first try to identify the Tipsters that are more than likely not going to help you on your journey to profitable betting.

Affiliate marketers

We've all seen these accounts; every single tip has a sign-up link for Bet365 or another popular bookie. What you may not know is that if you sign up through this link, you are giving that Tipster ~30% of you betting losses. So in effect, it's beneficial for the Tipster that you lose a lot of money.

Looking for the big win

"Rollers" have been in fashion for a while now. You start with a £10/£25 bet on very short odds (Think 1.2 or 1.3) and then keep on rolling the stake until you reach the desired sum (usually £1,000). The Tipster will make you believe that rolling your stake over multiple times at short odds is easy, but it's far from the case.

  • This type of bet is essentially a massive accumulator with an enormous overround for the bookmaker. The chances all these bets have expected value is slim to none, in my opinion (despite some people hitting it big once or twice) is a sure-fire way to throw money away
  • If you bet this way recreationally, that's fine, but serious bettors who want a passive income from betting don't get involved.

Fixed Matches

  • This type of service is the biggest red flag of all, no one who has information on fixed games is selling that info on a Facebook page or another social media page. Please don't get me wrong match-fixing is very real but this is mostly an underground activity with criminal syndicates influencing markets. Such information isn't available for sale to the general public.

Finding the best Tipsters

What are some of the traits of the best tipsters in the world?

  1. They have a long term positive ROI (return on investment) and have a bet count of at least a few thousand bets. Anyone can get lucky and have an impressive ROI after a few hundred bets. The bigger the bet count the Tipster has the better idea you'll have of their long term success.
  2. They beat the closing line (odds) regularly.
  3. They track their bets and show full transparency.
  4. The best Tipsters tend to bet on singles only, not multiple bets like accumulators or Lucky 15's.
  5. The Best Tipsters have a system in place and don't just rely on their gut instinct to find value
  6. The Best Tipsters tend to focus their efforts on one sport, be very wary of someone who claims to be an expert on multiple sports.

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