How much does it cost?

We offer a Monthly (€39.99) 3 Month (€129.99), 6 Month (€239.99), and 1 Year (€449.99) package. These have to purchased via the link at the bottom of the page

These are subscriptions so payments recur, however you can cancel at anytime and still receive tips for the time period you subscribe for. Cancelation can be done from your end or by requesting it.

Our bankroll management strategy (with example)

  • Win Only (Betfair Exchange) 300 unit bank (conservative) - Outlay 60 units per week on average
  • Win/Eachway (Bookies) 300 units (conservative) - 30 units per week on average
  • Top 20 finish (150 units) - 25 units per week on average

These bank sizes might seem ridiculous but you don't have to be betting large amounts, many of our members have been very profitable using small unit sizes. You also don't have to follow each strategy, you can choose just one if you wish.

Why are we betting on so many selections each week?

The model identifies +EV bets from live market prices. The number of bets varies each week, but PROFITABLE GAMBLING IS ALL ABOUT BACKING+EV EDGES. We are not concerned about the number of bets as each bet has implied value.

What bookies do I need to follow these systems?

Win only - You need the Betfair Exchange

Win / Eachway (Bookies) - It's advisable to have as many as possible so you can shop for the best price. If you have two or three of the following you'll likely be fine: Bet365, Paddy Power, Betfair Sportsbook, Unibet/888, William Hill, SkyBet)

Top 20 - The same as above, If you're living outside of Europe and don't have access to any of these bookies you may struggle to follow this system

What is the logic behind betting the same exact amount on every proposed player, completely disregarding the actual odds given by the firms on each of them? (Top 20 system)

A detailed analysis of various staking systems was conducted over a dataset of over 20k bets and level staking came out the most profitable (and it wasn't even close).

How's the line movement been shortly after the bets have been posted?

Its optimal to back the selections as quickly as you can once they are released. Some prices will be cut quickly while others will hold up. The Win/EW market will hold up a lot longer than the Top 20 which has lower liquidity

When are Tips released

Our bets get released on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, Once books get the prices up we'll start adding tips to the spreadsheets which are shared via our private Telegram channel

  • Monday - Outright Winner bets ( bookmakers) on the European & PGA tours
  • Tuesday - Betfair Winner bets for the Euro + PGA tours. Top 20 bets. LPGA + Champions Tour
  • Wednesday - All other tours (Korn Ferry, Euro Challenge etc)

I live in "X" country, can I follow these bets?

following the win/each-way strategy should be feasible regardless of where you are.
My advice is to try for a month to see if achieving minimum odds for you is possible.
We have long term members from UK/Ireland, Scandinavia, Australia, North America, France, Spain, Germany, and Russia. If you take looking for the best odds seriously, you should be fine.

Can I just use the Betfair Exchange to follow?

Yes our win only system has been back tested and will yield a positive return. As for betting on the Top 20 selections the prices may not be as generous as some bookies offer. We always quote minium odds so if you can't get those odds you just pass on the player.

I can't place this many bets, there's just too many!

You need to adjust your staking to a comfortable level, just because you bet €100 per unit on Football doesn't mean you have to bet €100 per unit on Golf.

Many of our long term followers use an small unit sizes and a large bank for each system. Doing this you'll be safe even during the worst drawdowns

How do I know all the bets won't lose the week I join and I lose a lot of units.

We're dutching the market with a high volume of bets; having weeks where it's a total wipeout (no winners) are irregular, and our betting bank and bankroll mean we can easily absorb drawdowns when they hit.

Taking this week's bets as an example

(Scottish Open): We have selected seven players whose prices range from 9.00 to 81.00. The probability we win would be 3.25 based on the bookie's odds, but the actual probability is closer to 2.5 going off our ratings. When you look at it from this perspective it can help


Win / Eachway (Bookmakers only)

We cover all tours so you can expect tips from at least 4 tournaments each week during the season. On some weeks we will cover 7 tournaments. On average we will recommend around 10 players per tournament, and you can expect 5 tournaments every week on average so you will betting on 50 selections each week across all the tours. It will fluctuate around this however.

The recommended bank size is 300 units and you can expect an outlay of around 60 units each week during the busy part of the summer. Some people follow this strategy and only focus on the main tours such as the Euro & PGA.

Its entirely up to you and what you want to do but my recommendation is to follow a strategy fully if you can to maximise the profits.

Example bank: €1,500 Betting bank - €5 per unit. You can adjust this to what ever level you find comfortable.

What does Each-way mean?

An Each-way bet is essentially two different bets, you are betting on the player to win and the player to place (This usually means finishing in the Top 5,6,7, or 8)

The each way terms will vary on different events, usually you will see the terms at the bottom of the market and they might look something like this

1/5 Eachway Odds, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 places.

If our player fails to win, but places 2-8 we will be paid the "place terms" this would mean half our stake at a 1/5th of of the odds. So if I was on a 100/1 shot we would get paid half our stake at 20/1

This article will explain it clearer

Each-way Golf Betting Explained – How to Bet on Golf
Take advantage of Paddy’s extra places on golf tournaments.

Win Only (Betfair Exchange only)

This market will suit people who have no access to bookmakers or want to trade their positions throughout the tournament.  We put up selections for the European & PGA tours only.

Because this market is "win only" we advise more selections to minimize the variance. The model identifies more value bets on the exchanges than with the bookmakers because the "win" prices are considerably bigger on the exchanges than with the bookmakers especially on prices bigger than 100/1.

Essentially with this strategy you construct a "team" of golfers each week to go to war with.  On average we recommend 35 players per tournament. The "effective" win price to back the winner in either tournament will be around 2/1 so you can expect regular winners. You will need a bank of 300 units and the weekly outlay is around 30 units to advised stakes.

Example bank: €900 Betting bank - €3 per unit. You can adjust this to what ever level you find comfortable.

Top 20 Market

This market is generally only suited to people who have plenty of bookmaker betting accounts available to them as the tips are recommended from a lot of different firms. You can expect around 25 bets each week across both tours combined ( 25 bets at 1 unit stakes). The recommended bank size is 150 units.

Example bank: €1,500 Betting bank - €10 per unit. You can adjust this to what ever level you find comfortable.

Remember you don't have to follow each system you can chose whatever feels comfortable to you. Just remember that these bets have been identified as ones with a high value margin so over time they should yield a positive return.

If any of you have further questions feel free to contact us on